Here's a whole bunch of questions we thought you might have for us.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Generally speaking, all sales are final.  However, if there's an issue with your order, send us an email and we'll figure something out.  We're an accommodating bunch over here.

Q. What service do you use for shipping and how quickly do you fulfill orders?

A. Typically, we use the always reliable United States Postal Service to ship out orders. We process orders as quickly as possible, typically within 3-4 business days at most.

Q. I need my order faster than that and you don't offer any overnight shipping options.  What do I do?

A. Just send us an email with as much info about what you need and your order as possible and we'll figure something out.  There's always a way!

Q. What type of shirts do you print on?

A. All of our shirts are printed on 100% cotton, Made in the USA shirts from Royal Apparel.  Check out their sizing chart so you can get a better idea of the fit.

Q. Do you ship all your products worldwide?

A. No, some of our products are not available for sale in North America, namely anything by Mike Doughty.

Q. Is that because Mike runs his own label called Snack Bar and he handles North American distribution directly?

A.  That is correct.  Man, you are smart!  Hornblow Recordings has only licensed Mike's releases for distribution outside of North America.

Q. Why don't you sell digital downloads in the store?

A. Because Big Cartel does not offer a digital download distribution model.  At least as far as we are currently aware.  Rest assured though that all of our releases are available on iTunes, Amazon, and all the other usual suspects of digital distribution.  If downloads are your thing, we encourage you to find them at one of those sites.

Q. The product I want to buy is sold out.  Will you be getting more in stock soon?

A. Most likely, yes.  Send us an email and we'll tell you when we expect to get more.  We might even have an extra one laying around here just for you!

Q. In the about section, you mentioned a release by kNIFE & fORK but I don't see it anywhere in the store.  What gives?

A. So far that album, called The Higher You Get, the Rarer the Vegetation (cool title, right?), is only available digitally from Hornblow.  However, if you want to buy a CD, send us an email and let us know.  If enough people say they want it, we just might make it!

Q. Who is Hornblow really?

A. We are a small artist management firm and record label based in the sleepy Hudson River town of Nyack, NY.  Check out the ABOUT section for a bit more on us or visit our website or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Q. Do you manage all of the artists featured in the store?

A. No, we do not manage Ozomatli.  We used to manage Mike Viola, but alas, no more.

Q. I have a question but you didn't answer it, what should I do?

A. Send us an email!  We love email!